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Want to progress your riding even further? Or maybe you just want to try something new and make a bunch of great new friends. We have you covered! We stride ourselves in teaching our skills onto our members in an environment that everyone feels included and enjoys.

We offer a range of activites


Our members range from first timers to have been doing the sport for years. We can tone the wake height down for beginners and really step it up for those who want to send it!


The rapidly growing new kid on the block our sport has to offer. Want to learn how to surf without the need of waiting in the ocean for that perfect wave? We have you covered.

social events

Our club wouldn't be as awesome as it is if it wasn't for our members. Ranging from weekend camps, pub crawls, balls, interstate tours and training sessions, even if we aren't on the water for that particular day you can be sure we are out together doing something!


Whilst we can pump up the wake height for wakeboarding, we are also able to tone it down for our skiers. Our boat allows us to to produce a wake to supply anyones needs.


Progression is a major focus of our club and it wouldn't be possible without all of our amazing coaches. We pride ourselves on pushing every member to do their best.


For those that are interested in taking their riding to another level, come and join us! A range our members actively compete in both state level and national competition. With a division for literally any level of skill, its a great way to challenge yourself.


Our fee structure of membership and information breakdown of trip types and their appropriate fees.


See the past events we have run in the past and be inspired to join us on our future adventures.

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