Peter Wardrop - President

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Not nose diving

One Word Cheeky

Team Memory Benny belly sliding along the camp tables in Deniliquin over Easter


Sean Taafe - Vice President

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Tantrum to Blind

One Word Shred!

Team Memory Coming home from my New Members Camp. We had to pull over less than 5 minutes from uni for an emergency rest stop after 4 people got simultaneously ‘car sick’ after a rather jolly trip home

Tim Blackburn - Treasurer

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Osmosis 5

One Word Rad

Team Memory Playing game of wake for 30 minutes at New Members Camp


Emily Seeley - Secretary

Preference Ski

Favourite Trick Bodyslide

One Word Wild

Team Memory New members camp, I met so many great people and made many lasting friendships. Yukka flowed continually and the goon fairy was never far away, it was certainly a weekend to remember, or try to anyway.


Brooke Caulfield

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Raley

One Word Fun

Team Memory Champagne Saturdays with the MUWWT crew


Alannah Clifford

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Backroll attempt x100 (I will get this soon!)

One Word Sunburnt

Team Memory  Being a Bucca Bunny and waking everyone up Easter morning… Bucca anyone?

Shaedyn Clifford

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Tantrum

One Word Fun

Team Memory Champagne showers by the river on NYE


Tom Clifford

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Whirlybird

One Word Huge!

Team Memory Watty splitting his head open by skull diving into a spa on our winter houseboat trip


Eliza Klemens

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Slim Chance

One Word Clumsy

Team Memory Being a Bucca Bunny at Easter with a streaker never far away; fair to say it was definitely not the wake up I was expecting, but lots of fun with the girls!


Tiss Lithgow

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Raley

One Word Bubbly

Team Memory Doing boat races on NYE last year, Geoff slamming down the winning cup at the drop of DaRude Sandstorm playing in the background against Monash!


Georgia MylonAs

Preference Board

Favourite Trick KGB

One Word Short

Team Memory Boat babing or riding doubles is always a good time


Daniel Noonan

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Sending it high and long

One Word Pirate

Team Memory Being the Goon Fairy at New Member Camp. The honour was truly something I will not forget; seeing people on their knees having goon poured into their mouths,  it really was something special and I was proud of!


Amanda Pacheco

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Backroll

One Word Caring

Team Memory 2017 Australia Day Trip, listening to the Hottest 100. The cover of Believe by the DMAs came on and we all hugged and sang it at the top of our lungs!


Rohan Seeley

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Half Cab Roll

One Word Friendly

Team Memory All of the friendships I made made within my time at the club


Nicole Ryan

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Backroll

One Word Energetic

Team Memory Using the boat ballast tanks to fill up a kiddy pool at Australia Day Weekend


Alex Waterhouse

Preference Board

Favourite Trick Raley

One Word Different

Team Memory Cooking a spit roast after a long hard day of riding at the New Members Camp


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