From 2018, MUWWT Membership is broken into three categories:

Melbourne University Student Memberships
$25 per student per year includes $25 ride credit.


Melbourne University Alumni, Staff and other institution student Memberships
$60 per person per year.


Guest (Community) Memberships
$100 per person per year.
Guest Memberships are available to all members of the community who do not for fill either of the other membership categories

To Sign-Up, please fill in the form available here.

Members are entitled to use club facilities and equipment and can join any event, within the guidelines set out in the Team Rules, under About. Membership covers one “season”; ending after the Wakeball event and beginning with Winter Camp. Memberships bought for the New Members Camp event will automatically include the following season.

Our account details are below:

Account Name: Melb Uni Waterski & Wakeboard
BSB: 083-457
Account Number: 515 614 298

The changes to Guest (Community) membership falls in line with the University of Melbourne’s Student Services Amenity Fee (SSAF) changes. This fee is paid annually by students and helps fund sporting clubs like ourselves. Melbourne University Sports has deemed it appropriate to recognise the contribution by students by offering lower fees to students and alumni than Guests, where the Guests do not pay the SSAF.

For more information on the SSAF click here.


Fees for day trips cover the cost of towing the boat to and from the trip, fuel for the boat and usage of club gear. Day trip fees are a flat rate, and include up to 2 rides, use of club wakeboards, water-skis and lifejackets. The club will also supply water when possible. The flat rates are usually between $50 and $60 depending on location, tow distance and whether riders use ballast.

Fees for each camp are detailed on the respective Facebook event page. Each camp has variable fees based on the services provided (food, amenities and included rides).

These camps include all associated costs of a day trip, with the additional camping fees, meal costs, yukka and other variables including toilet hire, transport, etc. All inclusive camps have higher fees associated but offset the cost of purchasing food separately.

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